How to not get banned or your put up eliminated: a love letter – only at

We get a whole lot of mod mail asking why they have been banned or their put up eliminated. Along with studying the principles on a desktop, they’re also available for outcalls to Vancouver hotels available on a cellular. Go to this sub, click on on the three dots … on the highest right hand nook, go to “neighborhood information” and skim the principles.

For the reason that predominant reddit mods got here down on sub teams, we’ve been compelled to verify we observe the principles in order that this sub doesn’t disappear. **Please familiarize your self with these pointers.**

Following the principles will maintain your account energetic in addition to our discussion board. The very last thing we wish is for this nice group to go *poof* just like the others did.

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  1. How to get banned, a tale of suspense:

    1. Post on MGTOW and TheDonald frequently.

    2. Come here and say derogatory things to or about sex workers.

    3. ???

    4. Profit.

    This is the perfect recipe for catching a ban. If you follow these easy steps, you too can call us slurs in our modmail inbox while we quietly ignore you!

  2. It irritates me when men or women who are not sex workers post on here. Whether they’re asking for help finding an escort or other questions… I feel violated. This should only be a haven for sex workers to reveal their problems and thoughts. I don’t know why folks find rules so hard to follow!

  3. Did the other groups all dissapear when Backpage was taken down, after Fosta and Sesta?

  4. Not a pic etc I tried need a subreddit and have to be on Reddit for 30 days before I can 🙄

  5. Had no idea what MGTOW was until I read this post… now I wish I hadn’t investigated. 😪

  6. Is there a sub redddit i can sub that covers sexworkers and clients. I thought sexworkers was the topic

  7. Just a question, is there a sub where i can adverstise for nyc? new to reddit and all the subs. Hope this isnt against the rules

  8. Wouldn’t MGTOW be a large client base for escorts? It seems like they would be a huge market share if they were utilized properly.

  9. I don’t post to either of those forums, I was wondering why my post was removed?

  10. I’m the guy who had that “did I fuck up” thread 2 days ago, my thread was removed and account banned even though I didn’t break any rules? I even mentioned that I told the escort that I was sorry afterwards, what the hell did I get banned for

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