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236 880 4384 Mia Pleasemore 1

236 880 4384 Mia Pleasemore

Mia Pleasemore @ 236 880 4384

Call Mia Pleasemore at 236 880 4384 for a sexy escort in the City

Mia Pleasemore @

Local 48 year old Caucasian/White female. Mia Pleasemore weighs about 130lbs and is approx 5ft 7in tall with really long legs with Blond hair and Blue eyes.
Mia Pleasemore’s measurements are 13D/9/13
This is Mia Pleasemore’s ad:

Party and Pucker up Please….

Here comes the Sun….beaches .big bash, great mindset…melt you on “HOT” beach Cabannas. I like to get together and have you fly to my private island.  …skin the color of a the beach when it’s my squirting pussy!  You can fly your plane onto my very secluded Landing ..Fuel your tanks and try the fine dining menu..very exclusive and the appliances are Hott..gas up and fly away using the very short, manicured runway and get away till sun sun comes out to play .
Call 236 880 4384

236 880 4384 Mia Pleasemore 2


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236 880 4384
Mia Pleasemore
Mia Pleasemore

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