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604 343 5202 Izabella Aka Izzy

604 343 5202 Izabella Aka Izzy

Izabella Aka Izzy @ 604 343 5202

Call Izabella Aka Izzy at 604 343 5202 for a sexy escort in the City

Izabella Aka Izzy @

Local 43 year old Caucasian/White female. Izabella Aka Izzy weighs about 130lbs and is approx 5ft 5in tall with Auburn hair and Hazel eyes.
Izabella Aka Izzy’s measurements are 13B/11/13
This is Izabella Aka Izzy’s ad:

You Know What They Say About Women In Their 40’s ⁉️

Well Guess What Boyzzz  and Gurlzzz
~ Itzzzz ALL TRUE ⁉️
Forty in the height of my Prime. 
I have an insatiable appetite and desire that never goes away. Because of this, the experience with me, is                * * *  Authentic    * * * No acting * * *  No faking it. 
I will be into the experience as much or more than you are.
My ad is 100% true ~ every word of it.
~ My photos are 100%  real and recent some as recent as yesterday.
~ My Ethnicity is Italian. I have long dark wavy curly or straight hair take your pick.. S xE Long Hair and I Luv It Being Pull  ‘d
~ Big beautiful hazel brown eyes and ~ Aside from A great big smile I love to Use, I am HIGHLY Or️lly  Gifted  ~ It Izzz My Favourite.. 
~ I am positive & optimistic ~ Lovin Life and happy most almost Always …
~ As Ⓜ️y Story states ‘I’ am very curious what a pretty little K ℹttE ♀would bea lℹke to ️P❗ay with …                             Yes all three of us.. can you make that happen ⁉️
If you CALL my phone line, instead of texting and waiting for a response. . . You are more likely guaranteed you get ahold of me much faster . opposed to maybe waiting for days if I am unavailable… (604) 343 ~ 5202.
Once I book a client I no longer answer messages or phone calls. My focus and attention is directed solely on that client, just as you would like it to be for you
Plz Call or Text 778 ~ 488 ~ 0hh 0hhh 99. My phone is not always turned on but I do my best to get back to your messages as soon as possible.. I also have a regular day job is that I often at but i can also usually work around most time request. all you can do is try. It won’t hurt to ask.
Unless you are prepared to cover the cost of my cab fare to and from the desired Location and 50% of the Call Rate as a Deposit BEFORE I LEAVE My Driveway….


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604 343 5202
Izabella Aka Izzy
Izabella Aka Izzy

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