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778 684 5563 azalea baybee 1

778 684 5563 azalea baybee

azalea baybee @ 778 684 5563

Call azalea baybee at 778 684 5563 for a sexy escort in the City
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azalea baybee @

Local 27 year old Native female. azalea baybee weighs about 160lbs and is approx 5ft 3in taller than most men with Auburn hair and Brown eyes.
azalea baybee’s measurements are 14C/12/13
This is azalea baybee’s ad:

lay me on the counter so i can lock my legs around ur head

baby wants d@ddy to go h@rder & longer t@sting her k!+ty. no wasting time, you cant even hesitate, causeif u do u might loose ur place. doesnt mean rush & move to fast, because slow & steady wins the race…slowly, feel every penetr@tion. !n & ○u+. with every thrust babys getting w€++€r. soon babys $qu!r+!ng.
now its d@ddy$ turn…

778 684 5563 azalea baybee 2


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778 684 5563
azalea baybee
azalea baybee

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