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We are the good guys.

We were shown how Canada’s leading escort directory (L e o l i s t) was purposefully drowning out REAL escort ads with FAKE escort ads that the people at Leos create themselves, forcing the escorts who rely on Leos for marketing and advertising have no choice then to pay their high fees.

If an escort can’t afford their high fees, then the domino effect starts happening faster and faster. She can’t afford LE0s high fees, so she can’t stay at the top of the page more than a few minutes at a time before drowning in LE0s fake ads.

  • this makes it extremely hard for her to find clients
  • which makes the money dry up
  • can’t afford gas for their car
  • can’t afford car insurance
  • can’t afford cable TV
  • can’t afford cell phone
  • can’t afford internet service
  • then struggling to feed their family
  • followed by falling behind in the rent

Until this regular, everyday escort service provider discovers owned in part by the women behind – Canada’s BIGGEST Independent Escort Listings and Directory and dbEscorts (The Largest Worldwide Escort Database).

Rather than try and get rich off these women’s real life struggle, like is doing, our Canadian escort company is different in many ways, such as :

  • we are not so desperate to make tons of money to actively exploit and manipulate Canadian sex workers with fake ads
  • our sole aim isn’t to extract more profits from escorts while giving ABSOLUTELY NOTHING back in return
  • our plan is not to exploit women for corporate profit but to empower women, help them stay safe and to help them come together to help one another
  • by following the LE0L1ST philosophy, money is the real client and the escorts are a tool to exploit for profits. When is the last time they did anything to make sex worker’s lives better / safer / happier ?

Of course there are SOME profits to be made, not with fees like LE0s but instead with small adult ads every here and there throughout all of our escort directories.

The tiny amount of profits we do make, we only use a small fraction of it to pay for the hardware required to run these sites and the vast majority is divided relatively evenly amongst the following / societies :

    Ever since 2007, this charity group has been helping under-privileged women in Africa by providing business training as well as giving them access to microloans to help encourage their financial independence. The group’s amazing work have emboldened Ugandans, with 5 women associated with WGEF’s vision running for—and in the lead for a —government office in 2016.
    Defenders of a woman’s rights to reach certain decisions about her body is the main area of this legal consortium, which has had several changes made on local and global laws. They’ve had an impact over similar health policies in Asia, Africa, and the U.S., and helped shine some attention on a sexist abortion ban in El Salvador that’s led to girls being imprisoned due to having stillbirths. Their work on behalf of “Las 17,” 17 Salvadoran women charged with getting abortions, has seen many women let go from prison; the struggles are ongoing.

This nonprofit charity seeks to empower women left homeless or marginalized by war , evil regimes and oppression in 8 foreign countries which is including Iraq and Rwanda. Much of their efforts are education-based, launching new classes and finding work opportunities for recent graduates. Currently, the group is offering psychosocial and educational resources to Syrian women in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, with a goal of reaching over 3000 women in the next three years.

And that was just a brief list with only the largest charities we work with and donate to.

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